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Titanium Scrap

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    We sort and rate your metals depending on the possible application.

Reusable and steel surcharge
  • pure for use in vacuum (re-use as a base metal/alloy element for non-ferrous metal alloys))

  • with adherences examine the possibilities of processed treatment

  • use as an alloying element in steel

  • refining possibility / separate reprocessing
  • From this classification results your remuneration.

Sortable qualities reusable / remelting
  • solid material pure without adherence
  • solid material with adherence, machinable
  • solid material according economically sortable size
  • Not sortable qualities / steel surcharge material
  • solid material with adherence, economically not machinable
  • small-sized mixed material, not economically sortable in standards
  • Typical grade
  • Titanium CP1/2 (Grade 1/2) DIN: 3.7025/3.7035 Ti 99,55%, Fe <0,3%
  • Titanium CP3/4 (Grade 3/4) DIN: 3.7055/3.7065 Ti 99,20%, Fe <0,5 %
  • Titanium-Alloy Grade 5 DIN: 3.7164/3.7165 Ti90% Al6% V4%
    These also include common TiAl6V4 alloys of medical area (dental technology / medical prostheses)
  • For best rating
  • Other standards and qualities of Titanium alloys will be adopted in each case to the best rating of the current market demand
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    Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium
    Tantalum, Tungsten, Nickel
    Cobalt, Molybdenum, Niobium

    GRAMET handles a variety of metallic raw materials of non-ferrous sectors, special alloys and super alloys. Recycling of titanium is one of our core areas.

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